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We are Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy.
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Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy is a Friends Group, a private nonprofit organization with an IRS 501(c)(3) status founded January 31, 2013. Our purpose is to support Cabrillo National Monument in the conservation of Point Loma’s natural resources and the preservation of the cultural heritage of San Diego – as Cabrillo National Monument has done for 100 years.  We are doing this through fundraising, adopting parts of the park, and promoting education and community involvement.


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There is FUN in our fundraising!  We have some great new events taking place at the park this coming year.
- For the first time ever, we will open the park at night for enjoying San Diego under the stars while soaking in the sparkling holiday lights and skyline of our beautiful city
- We will have 5 more of our acclaimed Moon Walks where you can enjoy the park after dark
- And of course our always sold-out Above the Fireworks where you can enjoy viewing multiple fireworks shows around San Diego Bay
- And get your bikes tuned up for our bike race in the Spring
Check our out Events page for details!
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Check out our Projects links for exciting, educational, and fun opportunities to enjoy and support your park.  Click on Why We Like Cabrillo to see why you might also.  Please look at About Us to see our Mission, our Goals, and how we hope to achieve them.  Then go to How to Help to choose a way to help us make Cabrillo National Monument, our park, the pride of San Diego and the National Park Service.

The Conservancy works in collaboration with the park’s other national program level non-profit partners: Cabrillo National Monument Foundation (a Cooperating Association) and the Volunteers-in-Parks (VIPs).  For a description of the differences among the Conservancy, Foundation, and VIPs, see Partnering with the NPS and Cabrillo National Monument.


Did you know that Cabrillo National Monument is the most southwesterly spot in all of the United States?




How to Get Here

“Raising Funds & Friends”


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Cabrillo National Monument has several themes and significances which are represented in our slideshow:

1- The Voyage and Discoveries of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and 16th Century Spanish Exploration

2- The Old Point Loma Lighthouse, one of the first of eight lighthouses built on the west coast in the 1850’s

3- The Rocky Intertidal Area on the Pacific Coast which is one of the few protected and accessible intertidal communities on the Southern California mainland

4- US Fish & Wildlife Service-designated sensitive coastal sage scrub/maritime succulent scrub habitat which is representative of the Southern California environment 

5- The World War I and II Fortifications and Military Use of Point Loma including 21 historic structures of the US Army ‘s coastal defense system at Fort Rosecrans which protected the aircraft industry and naval port of San Diego during World War II

6- One of the best land-based sites from which to watch the annual migration of the Pacific gray whales 

7- The opportunity to enjoy a world-class view of natural and cultural resources in juxtaposition (military operations, shipping, the city and harbor of San Diego, landforms, wildlife, Mexico and the Pacific Ocean) which illustrates the relationship humans have with their environment