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4th of July

Moon Walk


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Come and be

Above the Fireworks

4th of July at


6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Come for the sunset, stay for the fireworks

The 2014 Above the Fireworks event was a sold out success!!  Thank you to all who joined us!  We already have folks asking to buy tickets for the 2015 event.  We are not sure of the exact date those tickets will go sale here on our website, so please keep an eye on this page for information and announcements.  In 2014 the sales started in January.
Thank you for all who participated in our Photo Contest.  The winners will be announced shortly.


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2014 Member Events 

Date – Sunset | Moonrise

Walk when the Pink Moon is Full
Tuesday April 15 Full Moon   7:19 PM | 8:01 PM

Thanks to those who joined us for a Walk When The Pink Moon Is Full event. We had about 20 hikers who were led by past Artist-in-Residence Bill Griswold down the Bayside Trail. At least 5-8 photographers were there along with a few families with children, and couples seeking a romantic view. Despite the cloud cover of the moon, the views of the city at night and the sunset over the ocean equated to spectacular sights. All that attended seemed very pleased with the experience and looking forward to more evening opportunities at the park.

Enjoy the Bayside Trail under the Flower Moon
Wednesday May 14 Full Moon  7:40 PM | 7:51 PM

Thanks to those who joined us.

A Lighthouse and the Strawberry Moon
Friday June 13 Full Moon  7:57 PM | 8:37 PM

Thanks to those who joined us.


A Night of Stars under the New Moon
Saturday July 26 New Moon  7:51 PM | 7:34 PM (Moonset)

Thanks to those who joined us.

Reap a harvest of good times in the Blueberry Moon
Sunday August 10 Full Moon   7:39 PM | 7:34 PM

This was one of the best full moon events the Conservancy has held. We had special guest speaker Kaye London, former park ranger now biologist for the Department of Defense and Naturalist for the Natural History Museum. Kaye spoke about nocturnal critters of Cabrillo and San Diego county, she demonstrated how tides work, and concluded with a demonstration of a bat detector. 

Also, in attendance were about 40 people from a photography group set up to take sunset and night time photos of the Super Moon, San Diego and Cabrillo. 

This was the most well attended event, outside of the Above the Fireworks event, the Conservancy has held. Thank you to everyone who came and participated.  

The Last Super Full Moon of the Year
Tuesday September 9 Full Moon   7:03 PM | 7:32 PM


2015 Moon and Stars walks will be announced soon, keep an eye out here for dates. If you would like to walk with us in the moonlight, simply become a member for $30 and we will send you the information and invitation prior to the event.  Hope to see you there.

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You can see all the 2014 planned events at Cabrillo National Monument here